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We finished watching the first season of Best Woodworker in Britain (or whatever it’s called) and Misti won! Well-deserved. She was great.

I got the dreaded Thread Jam in my bobbin assembly while sewing this afternoon (making a little gathered skirt for Dolly). I fixed a bobbin thread jam once before but it was nerve-wracking, time-consuming, and difficult, so I called Pam the vintage sewing machine fixit lady who lives down the street. She let me bring it right over and she fixed it up. It took HER a while and a lot of effort too! It’s wild what a microscopic bit of thread in the wrong area of a Featherweight 221 can do. Alas, Pam is moving an hour away next week, argh! So my next Featherweight service will be a lot more trouble. Sigh.

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