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Bad night. My Remodulin pump woke me up at 2:30 am claiming “blockage”, which it does frequently. There’s never a blockage. The cure is to take the battery out and restart the whole thing. So then it happened again at 4am, but this time, when I restarted it, it alarmed and said “CALL FOR SERVICE”. So I had to dig my other pump out of my supplies bag (they supply Remodulin patients with two pumps, and you swap pumps every time you refill them so you know you always have at least one that works) and get THAT one set up. Ughhhhh. So, yeah, rough night.

Got up, went to airport to pick up my mom, took her to New Seasons for groceries, then dropped her off at Henry’s for the weekend. Came home and crashed on the couch. Didn’t even get the dishes done today.

But then at 4:30pm I remembered that Friday night is Pizza Bus night at the coffee shop around the corner! So I zipped over and picked up a couple of little pizzas — margharita for me and pepperoni for Dave. The Pizza Bus is so cool! Really good pizza. I ate 2/3 of mine, so maybe that’ll put some meat on my bones. I still only weighed 99.2 lbs this morning.

Dave went to the bakery for bread and quiche and he brought me a pain au chocolat, which will be my bedtime snack tonight.

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  1. Soozan

    Mom came !!!!

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