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Woke up with ok oxygen but fast irregular heart rhythm. Ugh. Only 100-ish, but faster than I’d like. So I just lazed around, hoping my heart would settle down but it didn’t and I had stuff to do so I got up and crossed my fingers that my day wouldn’t end in an ambulance ride.

Made a batch of cookie dough and froze it in lumps for later, then picked up Mom from Henry’s house. She’s thrilled with the bike that Dave bought for her to ride! It’s a nice 7-speed cruiser type, so she can sit upright. She went out for a bike ride already, and then she came home and did the dishes,

I made an excellent stir-fry for dinner. Timing is EVERYTHING.

In our chapter of Artemis tonight, the plot thickened when Jazz went to visit Ngugi’s office…

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