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Mom played Bach while I did some cooking this morning. I experimented by making a half-batch of oatmeal cookies with a heaping spoonful of peanut butter added to the dough. Quite tasty! And I made a good soup with onion, garlic, potato, barley, cabbage, beef broth, thyme, and dumplings.

Then I drove her to the fabric store and the grocery store, and maybe that was too many things in one day because after we got home my heart jumped up to 130 bpm. So we got my ambulance go-bag fully packed and waited to see if we needed to call them. I had updated my apple watch os yesterday, and it now warns me if my heart starts racing! That was really helpful, because I didn’t need to wait to start actually feeling like I was about to die. I took my “break glass in case of emergency” diltiazem and an extra dose of Amiodarone right away, and maybe it helped, because after maybe 40 minutes my heart dropped back down to 100 bpm and I even got a few readings of sinus rhythm. Crisis postponed! Woohoo, I’m not spending the night at the emergency room!

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