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As usual I woke up after a crappy night feeling as if I hadn’t slept at all. I feel like my sleep is so shallow that every tiny thing wakes me, and then I need to listen to my audiobook for a long time to fall back asleep. Lather, rinse, repeat. Dunno why the cannabis gummies aren’t working so well anymore. Weak batch? Maybe I should double up tonight. Argh! But I’m still alive so there’s that.

Henry and co. picked Mom up and took her to the airport this morning, and then we sat on the sofa and did absolutely nothing all day.

Here’s something I love about Dave. He is so secure that he doesn’t mind watching shows that he knows I think are stupid! I LOVE this about him. He watches such god-awful shows — and he knows they are god-awful, don’t get me wrong, but he enjoys their awfulness. They relax him, and his massive brain is always ticking away and solving work problems while he watches. He watches horrible plastic realtors flipping horrible plastic houses, he watches rich people being horrible to each other, and lately he’s been watching a thing where these Canadian guys are excavating what they call The Money Pit, where there’s supposed to be some legendary treasure or something. It’s DREADFUL. I try to keep my damn mouth shut, not wishing to yuck his yums, but when he mocks the show (frequently) I gladly join in the mocking!

The voiceover guy is unintentionally hilarious. The script is written to be super-vague about actual facts, and he ends every phrase with a question mark so it sounds like this:

Could it be? That the strange marks? On this rock? Indicate a possible link? To the Knights Templar? And if so? Could it be? That King Solomon’s menorah? Is buried? In THE MONEY PIT???


Anyway, he likes it, so he watches it. He’s not ashamed or defensive, he’s not pissed off at me for thinking it’s silly, he’s fine if I go do something else or sit nearby listening to audiobooks through headphones or whatever. It’s so refreshing!

My skin is not that thick. I feel bad if I want to watch something he thinks is stupid, so I wait till he’s busy doing other things before watching my serial killer shows. But I want to be more like him and not give a damn :D

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