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Last night, I slept!! I slept well! I woke up feeling ok! Oh man, what a difference.

Let’s see… after my almost-scary episode on Friday, my heart has been behaving better. My pulse is usually under 100, at rest, and often under 90. My o2 is on the low side of ok. I feel a little better than I did all last week. So, y’know, I’m basically ok.

Haven’t complained about my weight in a while. Nothing new to report. I’m eating fairly well, better than in months, but I still bounce between 98 and 100 lbs. Just can’t seem to crack 101. So I’m resigned to looking like a skeleton, I guess. Sigh.

Night sweats still, several nights a week. I guess I get to live with that, too, since nothing helps.

Mammogram came back normal! So there’s a problem I don’t have, yay!!

Oh yeah, i meant to say I updated my phone to iOS 16.0.3 a couple days ago. Man it’s a good update! Nothing broke, and there are some excellent new features. It’s just a small thing but I love the “copy and delete” option for screenshots. I feel like I take dozens of screenshots a day, mostly transferring info and memes from one app to another, e.g. snapping a funny tweet for a non twitter user. And now my camera roll doesn’t get clogged up.

I also like the medication tracker in the health app. It let me enter ALL of my twenty-five or so medications merely by pointing my camera at the labels (I’ll never stop being amazed by OCR), and I put my whole medication schedule in there so now I get reminders that persist until I take my meds! Morning and evening meds are pretty easy to remember but the handful I take at midday are easy to postpone/forget, even with a phone alarm. Plus, my whole meds list is right there in my phone, and next time I end up in hospital it’ll be easy to tell the nurses which meds I’ve already taken that day.

What with the blood oxygen records, the pulse records, the ecg records, and my meds list and schedule, the health app has moved from a sad little folder of junk on my last screen to a place of its own on my first screen. Good job, apple!

We finished reading Artemis tonight. What a great book. We enjoyed it so much, beginning to end. Hurry, Andy, write us another book! In the meantime we need to find a new bedtime story. Hmm.

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