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I slept well again! Two nights in a row! I had the mental energy to trace off patterns for Miss Freyja, pants and shirt, size 2T, and I even cut out a set of rainbow-striped jammies for her! If I get another night of good sleep I should be able to sew them tomorrow.

After doing all the tracing and cutting I had to lie down for a few hours, but after that I got up and did the huge stack of dishes and wiped down the counter tops and the stove. And then I had to lie down for a few more hours.

During my lie-downs today I watched a great long video about lethal dangers in households from Tudor times through the 1950s — Tudor chimney fires, Victorian arsenic-filled wallpaper, radium toothpaste in the 20s, etc. Great stuff!

Since we finished Artemis last night, we started Pride and Prejudice tonight. I read the first three chapters. I was really worried that Dave wouldn’t get the humor but he laughed aloud!

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  1. Kathy

    I was just thinking I should read Pride and Prejudice again. I read it to Scott once a long time ago, he loved it.

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