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Oh man the walk from sofa to bed is SO LONG at bedtime! I always wish I had a Helper Robot to carry me.

Felt pretty ok today! In the morning I went to drop something off at UPS and picked up a few things at the grocery store (Dave’s cornflakes, more water chestnuts for the pantry), then went to Henry’s with Dave to deliver a ladder and a jigsaw, and had a nice little visit. Then home for a long lie down, then did the dishes while Dave went to Lowe’s to buy an oven, as our 20yo oven is on its very last legs, and to Trader Joe’s for staples (cottage cheese for me! I’m addicted to the stuff!). I made a little pot of split pea soup while he was gone, yum.

Only two days till the rain starts. Also the pizza bus will be at the coffee shop on Friday, and then Sunday I get my covid booster and flu shot, then Tuesday we get FIBER INTERNET, and next Thursday our new oven will be installed. Lots to look forward to :)

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