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Today was hard. The air pollution is so bad from a nearby forest fire that I woke up in the night certain I was coming down with a sore throat. Stucky gummy eyes too. I think it’s just the bad air… at least I hope so. It’s not getting worse. Anyway I had a bad, fitful night and all I could do today was wash my hair. Lay on the sofa, listened to my audiobook, and cried a lot. I feel so useless. There is SO MUCH i want to do, and even on a good day I can barely do anything. What’s the point of me, anyway.

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  1. Soozan

    The point of you, my darling, is love. That’s ALL there is, anyway. It’s the only point of any of us. We live and die and in between we add love to the pile of love. I take my share from you every single morning. You and I will both be gone in a few short years in this form, but our love is everything.

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