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Y’all are so sweet to me. Thank you for all the lovely messages. I will continue to hang in there. <3

Woke up feeling horrible again, stayed in bed till afternoon, then staggered to the couch and sat there till evening. But I did cheer up a little bit because RAIN! Finally, at long last, real rain! It started off as just a wee gentle sprinkle, which is exactly what the hard dry ground needed — a big wet rain would have run right off. Later in the day it rained properly with drips and splashes and puddles. I built a fire in the woodstove and it was sooooo cozy sitting here listening to the fire and the raindrops. Just heavenly.

Messaged back and forth with Chloe and Henry all afternoon too. I love them so much. It’s pretty great when your favorite people are also your relatives.

At 4:30 I dragged my butt into the car and up the street to the coffee shop where the Pizza Bus parks every other Friday, and got a small pepperoni for Dave and a small margherita for me. So delicious! Yeah I’ve had several days of Weird Stomach Issues but I wolfed that pizza down anyway. Take that, stomach.

Now I’m just basically waiting for bedtime because sleeping is my favorite thing and I never give up hoping for a good sleep. Oh here’s a song I discovered via Strictly Come Dancing: “Do What I Do” by Lady Bri

It’s so positive and confident! I love to hear young women singing about being true to themselves and loving themselves the way they are. What a great example for all the little girls!

And here’s the incredible cha-cha that led me to it:

Carlos (the pro) came up with such creative, interesting, unusual choreography, and Molly (the celeb) just absolutely rocked it. She’s definitely a fav, after Ranger Hamza of course — who got TOP SCORE of the whole season so far with his Salsa!

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