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Slept much better, and went back to sleep till 9 after first waking at 7! So I didn’t feel grimdarksad today thank goodness.

I made world-class leek and potato soup. It was frankly incredible. Dave said it was the best soup he’d ever tasted, and literally licked his bowl, lol! A quarter of a huge onion minced, two leeks chopped, two cloves of garlic smashed, all sauted in a big lump of butter on low heat till soft. Then add several small diced potatoes, three cups of chicken broth, and a shake of dried thyme. Bring to a boil, turn heat way down, simmer gently till potatoes are super soft. Immersion blender till smooth, add about half a cup heavy cream, add salt to taste, and voila!

Lovely weather. Just a sprinkle of rain in the morning, and then pale blue sky and watery sunbeams peeking through puffy white clouds all day. More rain very soon, according to the forecast!

We went to bed super early so I was able to read four or five chapters of P&P to Dave. Mister Collins has arrived, having first gained permission to make the visit with the most amiable condescension from his noble patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. And when everyone walked to town, they met a new gentleman named Mister Wickham!

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