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Listening to the beautiful tippy-tapping rain, waiting for Dave to finish work so we can watch whatever BONKERS thing they’re making on the Bake Off today. Those s’mores last week? Those were not s’mores (though they looked as disgusting as actual s’mores). The TACOS the week before? An insult to tacos, and not freaking “baking” at all. Just bake cakes! Pies! Biscuits! That’s what we want to see!

Waited all day, in vain, for the fiber internet man to show up and jack us into the matrix. Sigh. Still stuck with horrid comcast.

No side effects from my shots on Sunday! Hope they weren’t a placebo.

Had a big, good, weepy session with Suzanne this afternoon. We’re gonna step up to every other week for a while, instead of monthly, since I’ve been having a lot of sad gray moods. Dear wonderful Suzanne. She wants me to try to eat a bite or two of my yummy cottage cheese every few hours and really pay attention to the sensations, to try to learn to get pleasure from eating.

Thank heavens for the rain. I am so grateful that it has finally returned. I went to the bakery today and it rained all the way and the worlds is clean and green and shiny again. Oh, how I do love rain. We even had thunder and lightning last night!

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