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Ugh the big fatigue. Why why why.

Internet Man showed up today and worked for hours. We have fiber right up to the house now but there’s trouble with provisioning and fuckups at the office, where our account was linked to some dude in Philadelphia. We’ve got a flashing green light on the router but no connection, so we’re back to using crummy old Comcast until CenturyLink figures out how to do their **ONE JOB** and get our fiber working.

Chilly tonight so I’ve just built a fire in the woodstove. Dave is very impressed by my exceptional fire-making skills! Not for nothing did I grow up in a shack with only a woodstove for heating.

Mostly listened to my audiobook today. I’ve discovered a good crime writer, Marion Todd, and am working my way through her Detective Claire Mackay novels. I’m on #3 now, “Lies to Tell”. Well-written, entertaining, and the audiobooks are well-narrated. My Scribd subscription is worth its weight in gold. My public library just can’t keep up with my crime thriller addiction.

I also scraped up enough wherewithal to try out a new knitting trick invented by the Techknitter: infinity loops. Such a mind-blowingly brilliant technique!! No pointy ends, no distortion of the fabric, and the loop is a true circle, with the knitting stitches going all the way around in one direction (counterclockwise in this example) not bottom-to-top on each half. This is accomplished by dropping all the stitches on one half of the circle-cable and picking them back up running the same direction as the other half. It’s such an elegant solution!

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