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Ugh last night was rough. Sudden horrible nausea that lasted a few hours, then a night during which all of our medical devices beeped at us and woke us up every couple hours. My Remodulin pump kept telling me it had a blockage (lies) and Dave’s blood glucose sensor kept telling him he was having a low (lies). I ended up on the phone with the 24-hour nurse at my specialty pharmacy at 5am with TWO non-functioning pumps. We managed to get one of them working again and they couriered two replacements to me today.

Thought I’d feel horrible today with such interrupted sleep but, though I was quite tired, this was the second non-depressed day in a row, and I had a pretty good appetite too. I made myself a couple pancakes for lunch, finished the soup for second lunch, and made a bok choi stirfry for dinner.

I also managed to get the sheets off the bed and washed them, and then Dave put them back on all clean for us. I took a shower and washed my hair today too so now I get to put my clean self to bed in a clean bed and maybe get some sleep tonight, WHO KNOWS?

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