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I slept well! Except for terrible night sweats but that seems to be my life now. Anyway, I had enough energy to run some errands I’ve been putting off. Drop off package at UPS, make credit card payment, do a little Trader Joe’s run. My branch of BofA closed, so I went to the one by TJ’s, which has a drivethrough so it’s better anyway.

Left at about noon, home by around two, put stuff away and then collapsed on the couch. Mom played Bach for an hour over FaceTime and then I just lay in the dark and listened to my crime thriller. Really enjoying the DI Claire Mackay novels by Marion Todd. The author narrates the audiobooks, too, and does a fine job, which is a bit unusual I find.

It rained all day! Oh lovely lovely rain, some drizzle, some pouring, all beautiful and treasured. No trick-or-treaters. Wasn’t expecting any — quiet, hilly, dead-end street with no young families — so I bought candy that I like and trick-or-treated myself :D

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