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The night sweats are killing me. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Palliative Care Nurse Adam came over today. Always a pleasure to check in with him. Then over to OHSU for pulmonology appointment with Dr Robinson. He wants to wait and see if the liothyronine and slightly increased Amiodarone help at all before changing anything else. Got labs done too.

It’s 4pm and I’m so goddamned tired. Trying to stay up until Dave’s done with work so we can watch Taskmaster. I should eat but I’m not hungry, just ferociously thirsty. Stupid diuretics. I drink water, I pee, I drink water, I pee. All day long. Depending on lab results they might let me lower the dose a little. Fingers crossed.

COLD today! Only mid-40s! We’re expecting freezing temperatures soon, and maybe even snow? Tomorrow we should get two inches of rain and we are gonna be COZY with our wood stove. I hope I have the energy to make soup tomorrow because that would be the epitome of coziness.

Dreamt about driving an electric flying car, in between waking up nauseated and DRENCHED IN SWEAT. Soaking wet. Honestly, if you’ve never had severe night sweats you can’t imagine how awful it is. I need two quilts and a Heavy Blanket, because otherwise the evaporating sweat chills me to the bone. So I’m wrapped in wet pajamas and wet blankets all night. Lovely. And I need the window open a crack so I can get cold air on my face. Just shoot me.

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  1. Cate

    Thank you, Kara. I thoroughly enjoyed your reading of the book “The Great Gatsby.”

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