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Friday morning extra

Liothyronine causes weird dreams, man.

Dream one was a nightmare. I had to clean out a basement which was open to the air and at street-level for some reason. My brother was helping. We had to scoop and scrape out several inches of muck that was like if you mix crude oil with garden soil and picture frames and newspapers and chunks of wood and a horse corpse and god knows what else, and we were scooping with kitchen ladles and the muck smelled awful and I was crying and screaming and terrified and the muck got in between my teeth, and then I woke up to pee, thank goodness.

Dream two, which I just woke up from, was a BBC drama starring Lily Tomlin as a woman who figured out how to make a fortune on the stock market by dubbing cassette tapes, which were labeled with various classical music pieces. She was also a secret alcoholic. There was a lot more to the plot but it has faded already.

And those, my friends, are liothyronine dreams. Not recommended.

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  1. Soozan

    Those dreams are surely hideous to have, but oh so entertaining to read about. How creative! A horse corpse! ?

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