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Ah looks like good ol’ twitter is going down in flames.

Lol. Yeah. So any spammer can spend $8 to shove my actual friends out of the way. Any spammer can pay $8 to impersonate my favorite scientists. NOPE. (I don’t see ads because I use a third-party twitter client, anyway) Suck it, Elon.

I’ve joined Mastodon, a decentralized social thingy. You can find me here: or if you already use Mastodon, I’m, which is an arts and humanities-focused server. Just put my handle into your search bar and you can find me from any server. It’s not hard.

I took a shower and washed my hair, and then I dropped our ballots into the drop box today, yay! I’ve been listening to the Taskmaster Podcast (Dara O’Briain’s episode lolololol) and knitting Jayla’s legwarmers, and now I’m gonna eat some yummy cold pizza!

Oh man. The dreams last night. They’re so LOUD, so vivid, so bizarre. Take the strangest dream you ever had, multiply it by 100, and stream it through your brain at top volume all. night. long.

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