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Really weird night last night. The good part was that my dreams were back to normal, and I had no night sweats at all! Maybe my body is getting used to the liothyronine already. The weird part was that I was wide awake from 1:00-ish to 3:30-ish, then slept till 5:30, and that was the end of sleeping. My eyes had that lack-of-sleep gritty feeling all day and I had zero energy, but oh well, I sat on the couch and played with Mastodon all day. I

love Mastodon so much!! The communiry is wholesome and friendly, kind and intelligent. I wouldn’t go back to twitter now even if Musk died. There is zero drama on my Mastodon server! I magine there are servers full of right-wing trolls and jerkfaces, but they can’t breach the Fortress of Goodness that is the server, nor, I imagine, the many other servers where my friends and family have landed. It’s just astonishing.

Now it’s time for the obligatory bitching about the time change. Why, oh why, oh why must they torture me. With my lack of sleep plus the time change, I was completely disoriented all day. Is it 11am? Is it 6pm? I have NO IDEA. At one point I asked Dave if it was almost bedtime and he said it was 3pm. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh.

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