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Up since 5:30am gahhhhhhh. Sleep, why doest thou forsake me?

Had a nice day anyway. Check out my sidebar —->

No more twitter link, replaced with Mastodon handle. Oh god I love Mastodon. The experience is completely different from twitter, even my own, carefully-cultivated, happy and gentle corner of twitter. I’m on a Mastodon server where it seems everyone is a history nerd of some kind, and 3/4 of them are knitters/crafters. But it’s not insular — everyone follows and reposts people with different interests from other servers. It’s so damn LITERATE, and considerate, and friendly. I hate to keep going on about it, but man oh man — this is what social media should be. NO ALGORITHM trying to enrage and engage me. No advertising. People who are excited about stuff. No doomers. Humanity at its best.

It’s election day and I wasn’t bombarded with angst all day — no, I was chatting with new friends about 17th century needlework and kids’ books. The election doesn’t need me to monitor it and feel all upset all day.

I’ve found that I’ve lost my taste for instagram as well. It’s so… pushy and flashy and commercial.

I did a load of laundry and finally finished cleaning up Dave’s Sunday Roast Dinner Kitchen Extravaganza. Did I mention that already? Sunday he spent all flippin’ day cooking himself an elaborate Roast Dinner (I only ate the peas) and then he was too exhausted to clean it up that night, and then Monday morning he flew out of town for work so… yeah. I think he used every pot, pan, utensil, and dish that we own, and every kitchen surface was covered with lamb grease. So it was Quite a Job, I’ll tell ya! But he’s sweet and warm and kind and cuddly, so I didn’t mind much. I just worked on it slowly over the last two days :D

How is it not bedtime yet? Feels like midnight, but is 4:30pm. I think I’ll watch some more White Lotus — I started season one over again from the beginning last night because I realized that my only memory of it was enjoyment. Lol. Memory loss has its advantages! More shows to watch!

It was cold and sunny today, just beautiful. Look at our maple — it turned bright yellow overnight.

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