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O hallelujah I got nearly 9 hours of sleep last night! Only woke up twice in the middle. Medium night sweats, normal dreams. Woke up feeling cheerful and human!

It got down to 32°f last night and the world was still only 36° and frosty when I got up. I went out right away to FedEx some stuff to Dave’s hotel, and my windshield was so icy it took quite a lot of windshield spraying and wiping to get it clear enough to drive. I think I’d better buy an ice scraper.

Got Dave’s stuff shipped, picked up a few things at New Seasons. When I got home I broke down all the cardboard boxes that had piled up in the entryway and stuffed them into the big recycling bin. Also took out trash and tidied up a tiny bit. And then I was worn out so I rewarded myself with some Mastodon time and rested for the remainder of the day.

Tomorrow I need to ship Dave yet another thing that he forgot, but then I hope to do some sewing — if I sleep again tonight, that is. Omg I hope I sleep. I felt like a new Kara today. Good cheery mood, too, which was a relief because last night I fell into a Deep Black Pit of Despair. Totally caused by exhaustion and sleep-deprivation, I knew it wasn’t real, but god it was just awful anyway. Nearly called a crisis line just to talk to someone but decided to try to sleep instead of clogging up the line and making it harder for someone else to get through. All’s well that ends well.

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