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Slept last night! Woke up several times, once with violent dry heaves, but went back to sleep each time and woke up feeling relatively well rested and human-like. Did the dishes, cleared old stuff from fridge, made eggplant and red bell pepper pasta sauce. Kept Lulu company over FaceTime (home from school for Veteran’s Day) and we ate oatmeal for breakfast together.

Mostly played on Mastodon all afternoon. Henry and Lulu came over to borrow suitcases for Jayla’s Amtrak trip to CA for her grandmother’s funeral. It was so nice to see them and he took away two boxes of donation stuff so it’s not cluttering the entry anymore, yay!

Super tired now, going to sleep. Fingers crossed that I STAY asleep, but I got some Benadryl delivered so I’ll take half a tab if I get wakeful in the night.

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