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Sonntag Abend

I think tomorrow I’ll switch to Finnish days of the week for my post titles.


Monday = maanantai
Tuesday = tiistai
Wednesday = keskiviikko
Thursday = torstai
Friday = perjantai
Saturday = lauantai
Sunday = sunnuntai

So yeah after ten hours of good sleep last night I felt like a million bucks today! Relatively speaking, of course. I did laundry, tidied the bedroom, had Roomba vaccuum the bedroom, and tidied the kitchen, with of course lots of breaks and spending happy time on Mastodon.

I even ate something! A big (for me) bowl of pasta with my eggplant sauce, and two Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls, which were amazingly good because I figured out that you can steam them! I took two rolls out of the tube (fridging the rest for later) and set them on a piece of parchment paper in my steamer, and steamed them for about five minutes. I’ll go six or seven minutes next time (they were maybe a tiny bit underdone in the very center) but oh man! So soft and chewy and squishy!

The more I use Mastodon, the deeper I fall in love. Today I learned that you can put server/@username.rss (e.g. into a feed reader and get a feed of that user’s previous 20 original posts — not reposts or replies, just their actual original posts. I find this incredibly handy. I installed the NetNewsWire rss reader (free, opensource) on my phone and set up feeds for myself, Henry, and my siblings, so I’ll never miss their posts and I won’t double-post my own thoughts (my short term memory is basically nonexistent).

Now I think I’ll do some knitting and catch up on Strictly Come Dancing before bed. Rooting for Hamza!

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  1. Gina

    Mastodon is the best. I’m glad we’re back in touch. Love the idea of changing the days of the week to Finish. :)

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