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Last night wasn’t the worst — no nausea — but I only slept for about five hours so I’m pretty ragged today. True to my word I did not beat myself up about being tired but allowed myself to stay in bed and just rest all day. Did some knitting, watched some BBC, joy-scrolled on Mastodon. I think it’s so interesting how you can exchange pleasantries with a ton of people and then suddenly a handful of them are your new friends.

Posting on Mastodon is sometimes called “tooting” (very silly, but also kind of adorable) because someone asked the German inventor to call it that and he didn’t understand the, ahem, alternate meaning in English. I called it “posting” for a while but now I TOOT with pride. I even made a little meme:

Have not figured out how to embed a pixelfed image yet. Embed code doesn’t work.

God I’m tired. A little too early for bed but I think I give up for the day. I’ll just listen to Chloe’s recording of The Long Winter until I fall asleep. Oh first I need to do a quick duolingo Finnish lesson and a little easy math on khan academy. I’m reviewing third grade now. Easy peasy of course but I think it’s good for my brain to chew on some numbers for a change.

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