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Look, now you know how to say Tuesday in Finnish. Rhymes with CHEESE pie. Yeah I’m tired.

I’ve noticed that Good Nights (several hours of solid sleep, no sweats, comfortable stomach, no nausea) and Bad Nights (broken sleep totalling only a few hours, sweats, nausea, weird-feeling stomach) seem to exactly alternate. True to form, last night was technically a Good Night, but I was so tired from the previous Bad Night that I went to sleep ridiculously early and woke up at about 4:30am, so this has been a long day.

Went to New Seasons to return a bad pomegranate and some foul incense, got more apples and hazelnuts. Home before 9am lol. Henry came over and made a pot roast while he worked. He’s such good company. He made the hours pass so quickly. And he put clean sheets on my bed!!

I was worried I’d fall asleep by 6 but look, it’s already 8:30 so my goal of staying up till a reasonable time has been met. Just need to do my duolingo and my math, and then I can put on an audiobook and hope this night is not too bad.

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