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(Wednesday morning. KES-ki-vee-ko-ahh-moon-ah)

Last night was so much better, for a Bad Night! Stayed up till a reasonable time (9:30-ish), slept till 3. Woke up, had a session of horrible dry heaves, lay awake for an hour listening to audiobooks. Then thought I might as well try a Benadryl, and switched over to the James Acaster stand-up special on Netflix. Contrary to my longstanding assumptions about screens at night, I’ve noticed lately that stand-up on netflix works well as an aid to sleep. Trying, and failing, to keep my eyes open seems to make me drop off quite quickly, and the audio of a stand-up set is akin to an audiobook.

So anyway — fell asleep again before 5am and slept soundly till EIGHT!!!

I’ve got a bit of Benadryl grogginess but it isn’t bad and I think I might have enough gumption to sew extra length onto the too-short legs of my new wool joggers, after I read Mastodon for a while and do some chores.

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