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Ok in my strange alternating good nights and bad nights schedule, last night was a Good Night and I slept soundly all night and woke up refreshed at 7:30am. Did a little joyscrolling on Mastodon, then realized I was hungry! Actually hungry! So I got up and made oatmeal.

When I say oatmeal, I don’t mean the gross pasty instant stuff. No, I mean put “old-fashioned” rolled oats in a pot with water and cook them till they’re all soft and a bit gooey but still a little bit chewy and oh my goodness they’re good. And my delicate stomach doesn’t complain. I never used to like them with sweetener but lately I’ve been sprinkling a spoonful of brown sugar over the top, with a glug of heavy cream. The important thing is not to stir. That way some bites are sweet, some are creamy, some are both, some are neither. Really really good. I need to buy more oats tomorrow. Day before Thanksgiving… I’d better go early!

I’m so happy that Dave is home. He reached over and held my hand when he woke up at 7, and it woke me up a little bit and was so sweet. *heart eyes*

I did something creative today!! I cut out ALL the components to make a pair of pajamas each for all the very little kids — Freyja (size 2T, she’s a chonk), Lulu (size 6, she’s tall for her age) and Jayla’s little brother Mikey (size 3T with extra length, he’s a long skinny fella). I had just enough fabric for all of them. It’s a cozy brushed cotton French terry, with a print of sweet simple sleepy animal heads on a navy blue background. I bought it a while back from but didn’t have the mental energy or physical stamina to cut into it till today. Er, no, I cut out Lulu’s pants a couple weeks ago. But all the rest today. The cutting is the most time consuming part, and now I can sew everything together in an assembly line so it’ll only take a few days.

I think I have enough rainbow jersey remaining to make a pair of comfy pants for Em, too. Hmm, I should cut those out tomorrow and add them to the assembly line.

Except tonight is scheduled to be a Bad Night — we shall see!

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