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Saturday morning (LAU-an-tai-ahh-moo)

Yesterday (day after Thanksgiving) I literally stayed in bed all day. Napped a lot, listened to hours of the Killer Psyche. Too tired and worn out to get up. Lesson learned. Don’t over-do it, Kara.

But, I had a good sleep last night in spite of all the napping yesterday. Woke up at five, rested till six, ready to start the day. I’ve got Christmas sewing to do! And I’ll have a lovely bath in our new hot water.

Medical marijuana gummies withdrawal update: insomnia is much much better, sleep pattern is close to normal. No dry heaves in a while, and nausea is just my normal medication side effect nausea. Incredibly thirsty all the time. Weird taste in mouth (has been since the beginning, forgot to mention). Appetite much improved. Mood good. Only one episode of tachycardia in 2 weeks (on Thanksgiving). Yay me!

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