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Writing earlier before I get too tired. Feeling quite good today! Got plenty of good quality sleep. I was awake for about an hour before dawn, and nearly gave up, but went back to sleep till 8:15! Miraculous.

This morning I did the dishes and got the place decluttered for the Cleaners, and made three horrible phone calls that I’d been putting off. Now the cleaners are here and I’m having a little rest.

Oh! I did something clever! Yesterday while I was sewing I ran over a pin with my serger and had to change the blades. And then I did it AGAIN, and installed my last set of spare blades. Before ordering new ones today, it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I could figure out how to sharpen them. Couldn’t hurt to try, right? So I found my scissors sharpener. It’s a little orange doohickey shaped like a guitar pick with slots to run your scissors blades through, which grinds them against a couple of ceramic rods. Low tech, works pretty well for sharpening scissors between professional shapenings, you know? Here it is: Fiskars Sharpener.

So anyway, I figured out how to hold my serger blades juuuust right and scrape them against the ceramic rods and it WORKED. I reinstalled a sharpened set and they function again! Happy dance! Now I just need to stop serging over pins…

I’ve got Em’s rainbow joggers finished, and jammies for Mikey and Freyja finished. I started on Lulu’s jammies this morning. I say finished, but they need size labels sewn in and a bit of topstitching around the necklines. I’ll do that all at once on the Featherweight.

I also ordered some cute sparkly nail polish for Em from Orly (breathable, ethical).

After I finish all the jammies, I’ll get back to work on Lulu’s special little rag doll. She needs more clothes and a trunk or zipper pouch to keep everything in. Also want to make a matching doll for Freyja, to give to her when she’s five or so. I want to make it NOW so that I can use it for fitting extra clothes for Lulu’s doll, and so that when it’s finished Henry can put it away for safe keeping in case I perish before Freyja is five. Which is almost guaranteed but, on the other hand I’m not supposed to still be alive now so who knows?

My appetite has been SO MUCH BETTER lately. And, I don’t want to jinx anything, but my weight has been hovering around 103 for several days! First time in what, six months? nine months? that I’ve been over 99!

I think I’m nearly finished with the medical cannabis gummies withdrawal. Burning thirst has mostly subsided, sleep is edging toward normal-good, nausea is back to normal levels, funky taste in mouth is mostly gone, etc. Now I need to give all my docs a full report so they know not to recommend it to others, or at least to warn people!

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