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Had a rather sweaty night and woke up a bit too early, but still felt pretty good today. Holding steady at 103-ish lbs. My face is cute and round again instead of haggard and thin, and my appetite is SO MUCH BETTER. I can just eat things basically all day without thinking about it, hungry or not. And I do get truly hungry sometimes. This morning I made cauliflower cheese, and munched on cottage cheese while I was cooking. And then I washed two bunches of spinach so I can make lasagna tomorrow. Dave went shopping and brought home some nice little hothouse tomatoes, so I made a spinach salad. Had some good flavorful tender celery in the fridge too. I haven’t eated a salad in ages because when I could only eat like one thing a day, I felt like it was foolish to fill up on raw veggies. It was sooooo good. I’ll save some of that spinach tomorrow and make another. Also ate a yogurt, and a cookie, and a bowl of cauliflower cheese, and I have my apple and goat cheese here in bed with me.

Hmm, what else is new… Dave has to go out of town AGAIN on Sunday, boo, but it will be for a maximum of two weeks and he’ll come home sooner if there’s no pressing reason to stay.

Oh the cleaners came yesterday so the house SPARKLES. I wish I had the energy to keep it that way. Thinking maybe I’ll hire a Taskrabbit sometimes between big cleanings to sweep and vacuum and change the bed linens.

It has been raining all day. Dark, gray, and rainy. Heaven. Everything is green again, the way it should be in Oregon. Our dead lawn is beautiful again, though I wish it were native plants instead of stupid lawn. Maybe someday. There’s a tiny chance of snow late Thursday, fingers crossed!

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