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How great is that word? Keskiviikko! How can that possibly mean Wednesday? Delicious.

Speaking of delicious, I made leek-and-potato soup this morning. So good. I ate three bowls over the course of the day.

Hey, do you want to read a really good, really clear explanation of why I love Mastodon so much? Well here’s an article for you!

Yes. What he said. Exactly that.

Other things I did today: the washing up. How can two people generate so many dirty dishes? Also lots and lots of knitting while watching the last two episodes of A Murder is Announced, and then a long luxurious bath before bed. I’ve realized that baths take a lot less energy than showers, and washing my hair is easy enough. Dunk and soak, lather up, rinse off under faucet, wrap in turban, continue bath. It’s still tiring, which is why I like to have my bath right before bed.

I think I might make another spinach salad and eat it while watching a bit of YouTube in bed, after I do my Finnish lesson. Still holding steady at 103 lbs. Maybe I’ll put some cheese in my salad.

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