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Best day since hospital last Saturday. Slept pretty well. Had night sweats again but only medium-bad, where the night before they were AWFUL. Went back to sleep a few times after waking early, yay me! And then after I woke up and read my Mastodon feeds for a while I sat in bed and knitted for an hour which was a nice start to the day. Then I made a fried egg on an English muffin for breakfast. I was kinda worried I might start losing weight again ‘cause I’ve had a run of not-great days but I’m still 102, yay.

And then I FINISHED all the little kid Christmas sewing projects! Three pairs of snuggly pajamas for Lulu, Freyja, and their 3yo Uncle Mikey, and a pair of rainbow joggers for Em. Completely finished, size tags and all, ready to wrap and ship. I need to find some inexpensive Christmas print fabric to make more gift bags since I refuse to use wrapping paper.

Also took out the kitchen garbage (a very light bag) and discovered that the garbage crew hadn’t emptied our bins on Monday. Turns out Dave forgot to pay them. Oops. Lol. Also did the washing up, and ate a big salad for lunch. Now I’m sitting in the livingroom with a fire in the fireplace, watching Happy Valley series 1 (it’s as good as I remember) and winding five skeins of my favorite thick sock yarn into balls. Dave wants Sleeping Socks, and since I was already paying for shipping I bought some extra. It’s the best there is for thick, heavy slipper-socks!

I haven’t felt well enough to get out of bed and sit in the living room for an extended period of time since last week. This is nice.

I realized yesterday that the beautiful gray winter gloom here in Portland might be affecting me. I absolutely CRAVE bright, yellow light. None of our lights seem bright enough, and I just want to go to bed by the late afternoon. I’m used to the strong, nearly constant California sunshine. I love the gloom here, but I think my body needs more sunlight, so I did some research and ordered a small but well-reviewed SAD light. Hope it will help me stay awake past 5pm and maybe feel more awake in the morning.

Ok I think my mashed potatoes are finished boiling!

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