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Dave’s home, Dave’s home! Yay!!!

This morning I went out to Ace for more little white lights for the tree and then finished decorating it. So pretty. Let’s see if it works to link to a Mastodon post here: . You should be able to click that link, click through my Content Warning and see my tree. I promise it’s just a Christmas tree! Nothing naughty! On Mastodon it’s polite to put anything sensitive or potentially triggering behind a Content Warning so people aren’t ambushed by politics, headlines, health issues, sensitive holidays, etc.

If you’re on an iPad or similar, you can tap the tree photo, then long press it to see the descriptive alt text, which we put on photos so that the visually disabled community can participate in conversations more easily. Mastodon is all about accessibility, community, and consideration for others. What a lovely place it is.

Finishing the tree used up a lot of energy so then for the rest of the day I knitted and played TrainStation2 and finished series 2 of Happy Valley. Made simple black bean soup for dinner and we watched an episode of Only Connect and one of Edwardian Farm and now it’s SLEEP TIME!

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