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Writing BEFORE I’m about to shatter from exhaustion. A tired day today. I had enough energy to do one thing, and it had to be the dishes that had been sitting there a couple days. So I did that and then I finished Lulu’s House Socks! It is way easier to share a link to my Mastodon post than to upload and embed an image separately. Here they are on Ravelry if you’re curious about how I made them . Now that I know my gauge and proportions it will be much much quicker to whip up a couple pairs for Freyja and Dave. Lulu’s were on 32 stitches; I reckon Freyja’s should be 24 and Dave’s 44.

I experimented with the new toe-up Fleegle Heel for Lulu’s first sock but I didn’t like it and ripped it back out. It didn’t have a sharp enough angle. I think a sock should have an almost right angle bend.

I had to take a nap this afternoon. I lay down for a few hours and even slept a bit. Definitely still working through withdrawal. I ate pretty well today so far — big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and leftover mac n cheese for lunch. Now I’m hungry again, yay!, and we got some green beans in the veggie box so I think I’ll make those with mashed potatoes for dinner.

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