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Got plenty of sleep, not too sweaty, and felt pretty darn good today! Had a nice long lie in, and then Henry, Jayla, and little Freyja showed up to spend the day! Lulu was at her other grandma’s house having fun with her aunties so we were able to have actual conversations and togetherness, and Henry helped Dave a TON setting up his recording studio and moving stuff around in the workshop.

I made eggs on English muffins for everyone, cooked to order, which was so much fun. And then I made one of Mom’s Christmas presents, little comfy loose sleeping shorts, while they kept me company in the sewing/guest room. Then I made a batch of minemeat for pies, and Jayla and I had long conversations while the guys did guy things in the workshop.

Now I’m watching “Red Light”, a Belgian psychological drama, on Walter Presents and eating the last of the leftover mashed potatoes.

Ranger Hamza won Strictly Come Dancing! I am beyond thrilled!

One more thing — check out this amazing funk cover of Stayin’ Alive.

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