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Good ten hours of sleep last night with only a few awakenings. Throat this morning felt slightly less scratchy already, and cough/sniffle were still mild. I stayed in bed and napped and ate and drank and watched another Sad Belgian Drama, “De Twaalf” heheh. I’m watching on Walter Presents but a search leads me to believe it may also be on Netflix. Dutch sounds SO COOL.

Now, at 5pm, my throat is even less scratchy than earlier. Sniffle and cough are minimal. Maybe it really will be as mild as I hoped!

I did get up briefly to dab silicone sealant on the heels and toes of all the house socks I knit.

Now I’m hungry again! Absolutely eating like a horse today (in a Kara way, which is to say, I’ve actually eaten several things lol)

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