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Slept surprisingly well last night. Had to sleep sitting up because the moment I lay down I started coughing uncontrollably. So I raised up the head of my bed (an adjustable bed is a lifesaver when you have breathing issues) and built a pillow fortress to prop me up from the side. And then I took an entire Benadryl, and some Tylenol, and some flonase for good measure. It took me a while to fall asleep but then I slept straight through till 5am, when I finally had a coughing fit and was up for the day. So I’m guessing I got eight or nine hours of solid sleep! Throat much less scratchy today, and minimal coughing/snorting.

Hey here’s some excellent jazz piano combo Christmas music!

Let’s see… I worked on my big embroidery picture — the house, if you remember, that Mom gave me last Christmas. It’s nearly done, which is good because I think I smell a new embroidery project or two nearby…

In the afternoon I pried myself out of bed and finally made some gift bags! I need a few more, and I have more fabric, so I’ll make some tomorrow. The kids are coming over on Monday so I have enough time, if tomorrow is a sewing day! I hope it is.

At dinnertime I realized I hadn’t eaten all day. Argh. I’ll probably be back down below 100 lbs again tomorrow. *eyeroll* Well I made some AMAZING soup for dinner, and it was ridiculously easy and fast. A couple cups of beef broth, a shot of soy sauce, a shot of sesame-chili oil, a few leaves of Chinese cabbage, a handful of spinach, a packet of Trader Joe’s Thai noodles (they’re similar to udon), and an egg for protein. So easy, so delicious! I could only eat half but it’s still early, so I’ll try to finish before bed.

I wanted to make peppermint bark today but making and eating soup was All I Could Do. So, let’s hope for tomorrow. Or even Monday morning.

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone. Don’t forget to leave out some carrots for the reindeer. Or apples, they like apples too.

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