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Christmas Day!

Very chill, calm, quiet, just the two of us. An ordinary pleasant day with a few small gifts at the beginning and my fabulous leek and potato soup at the end. I spent the afternoon covering a sturdy shoebox with fabric, for Lulu’s doll to live in.

Dave loves his Sleeping Socks and the little Blue Peter badge I embroidered for him, and I love my cozy red leather Duckfeet boots and my Lego Christmas tree kit. And Mom sent me a blackwork embroidery kit I’ve been longing for!

Still sick, cough cough cough, but slightly better each day, I think. I just discovered that a rare side effect of guaifenesin is diarrhea. You don’t want to know how I found this out. Ah well, I took some extra loperamide.

And now my heart racing dammit. But it’s the 120 bpm afib that I can usually fix with diltiazem, not the 160 bpm SVT that means an ambulance ride is soon to come.

Anyway I’m gonna hope to just sleep now.

Oh! We started watching Only Murders in the Building on Hulu tonight. Very fun!

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