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Didn’t sleep last night, ugh. Terrible anxiety-insomnia plus multiple lengthy coughing fits. Gave up at 5:30am. Cough cough cough will it ever end? Totally lost my voice too. No sound comes out when I speak, or very little. Can only whisper. On Kathy’s advice I asked Henry to pick up some Fisherman’s Friend cough drops on his way over this afternoon. They’re nasty, so they should work! Heheh. Will try tonight. Cross your fingers.

Took a bath before the family got here which energized and refreshed me. Lulu loves the doll I made for her! She sat right down and started to play. *heart eyes* And Jayla loves her handknitted legwarmers, and it looks like I guessed the sizes right for the girls’ house socks and pajamas. I forgot to say yesterday that Dave’s house/sleeping socks fit him perfectly. He needs to wear socks to protect his feet at night from rubbing on the blankets, and store-bought socks are too tight, so I made his socks a little larger than I would have if they were going inside shoes. He wore them last night and they stayed on and didn’t cut off his circulation and the silicone I dabbed on the soles makes them totally nonslip, and he can’t believe how warm and comfy they are. I don’t think he’s ever worn wool socks before. He’s so thrilled. :) I just love knitting with Canadian Sock Yarn. It smells like sheep when you wash it and has little bits of straw you need to pick out sometimes.

Henry knows I’ll finish his cardigan before winter is over. I’m making good progress on the sleeves already. I baked him a big batch of mince pies, too, and he says they’re amazing.

Dave roasted a big chunk of very expensive beef and it was so tender and good! I had a little, but mostly mashed potatoes and peas. He set off the smoke alarms four times while he was cooking. The Yorkshire puddings didn’t survive but we had PLENTY of food anyway. Dave is accustomed to cooking for his three large hungry sons, and my family all eat like birds. He says his sons would have eaten every single thing and there would be no leftovers. As it was we sent lots of food home with the kids and we still have leftovers for us! I’m looking forward to making bone broth.

After the family went home I worked a lot on my house embroidery because I’m so eager to start my new blackwork kit and I don’t want to start the new one till I finish the old one! I estimate I have about three or four good long crafting sessions to go before I finish, but I still have some Christmas presents to make too — a big stack of cotton hankies for Mom. Need to stop coughing and start sleeping better so I can get to MAKING!

Oh Lulu’s new doll (her name seems to be Moonshine for now) needs a mermaid tail. Easy as pie.

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  1. Kathy

    I hope the Fisherman’s Friends will help! I kept them by my bed so I could pop one in the moment a cough came on, and that helped me.

    Your Christmas sounds wonderful and the feast sounds amazing. Hopefully you’re having a nice lie-in today. Love to you!

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