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Didn’t sleep last night. None of my cough remedies worked, and then once I did finally fall asleep, sometime after midnight, the smoke alarms decided at 4am that they needed new batteries. Dave got up and fixed them. He thought they were wired into the house power but actually they need batteries and are only wired to each other so they all go off at once. He says the batteries were still the original ones so no wonder they went flat after he set them off so many times making his Roast Dinner! My ears are weird. When I hear our smoke alarms they always sound like they’re coming from just behind my head and that’s never true.

Napped and zoned out all day. Knitted a little, listened to my AMAZING audiobook of “Written in Bone”, finished the first circle of my new 100 Circles blackwork embroidery kit (present from Mom) and ordered supplies for the 2023 Steady Thread Botanical Stitch-Along. Where has blackwork been all my life? It’s all geometric repeating patterns and is exactly what my brain loves to chew on. It’s like zentangle with thread and following a chart. The only problem is it’s not useful. I most often prefer to make useful things, but, you know, being decorative once in a while won’t hurt me and anyway it’s the process I love.

Eating two sliced kiwi fruits now, yum. They came in our veg box on Tuesday. So much good nutrition.

Please, virus, let me sleep tonight. Please. Please. Please.

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