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Didn’t even bother going to bed last night. Sat on the sofa, watched soothing YouTube videos, listened to audiobooks. Slept 4 1/2 hours in three separate chunks. Napped and zoned out all day. Best nap was an hour between 12:30 and 1:30. Would have kept sleeping but alarm woke me up to take my 1:30 meds, dammit. The coughing MIGHT be a bit better this afternoon? Not sure it’s worth starting the night in bed and then transferring to livingroom, but maybe I’ll pack up my stuff for an easy exit (the compartment under the seat of my walker is so handy) and give it a try.

Omg look at this amazing new way to chart knitting patterns:

Look! Just look! You can actually see the form of the knitted fabric despite increases and decreases! It’s absolutely revolutionary for those of us who like to knit lace and other fabrics that don’t translate to a regular grid. For example, here’s a star toe. You can see exactly what function each stitch has and easily visualize the finished toe.

Star Toe

So. Cool.

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