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Happy New Year! May your 2023 be pleasantly dull and uneventful.

I wasn’t sure I had an rss feed set up here but it turns out I do! So if you have a feed reader you’ll never miss a single thrilling post if you copy and paste this into it: (NetNewsWire for iOS works well and is free)

I slept last night, oh thank heavens I slept. I finally slept. I woke up three or four times with coughing fits but they were less violent and of shorter duration than ever before. I probably got in the neighborhood of 11 hours of sleep, and even when I woke up I was super groggy and just napped all morning.

Woke up a little more in the afternoon and worked on my blackwork sampler for a long time. I wrote a mastodon post about how I set up my embroidery charts in my knitting app:

I made a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner but I was so hungry I ate a yogurt while I was cooking it and therefore could only eat half my sandwich. Ah well, half a cold grilled cheese sandwich will make a fine breakfast.

Just watched the Taskmaster New Year Treat — such a great cast and fun tasks! Super sleepy now. Sleep, lovely sleep. I hope I sleep for many hours again.

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