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Writing a bit earlier today while I can still form coherent sentences.

Look at my sidebar —->

I cleaned out the old broken iTunes links and added links and icons for my accounts on mastodon, bookwyrm (open-source goodreads-ish thing), ravelry, and pixelfed (open-source instagram-ish thing). And a nice new icon for my rss feed.

I always enjoy tinkering with a bit of html. And I feel proud of myself for doing a thing, despite the eternal crushing fatigue. Don’t know if my body is still fighting this virus or if this is post-virus fatigue but lordy it’s intense. My sleep has even been pretty good for the last couple days. No night sweats and only waking up a few times for not-too-brutal coughing fits, so you’d think the fatigue would begin to ease. But no.

When I wake up in the morning it takes a couple hours to clear the gunk out of my lungs and sinuses. I just sit here in bed and hack up glob after glob of gunk. No funny colors, so not a bacterial infection, and I do feel ever so slightly better each day. But it is getting OLD.

I made a couple fried potatoes for dinner — nuke a raw potato for a couple minutes until just beginning to be cooked, dice, fry on medium with a knob of butter — but I didn’t notice that the skins were green so they stung my throat (glycoalkaloids) and after the first couple bites I realized I had to skin each little chunk with my teeth.

My pulse oximeter failed today. I thought it might need new batteries, even though I just put fresh ones in last week, but nope, totally dead. I’ve had it for ten years so I guess it had a pretty long life. I ordered a new one that is bright orange and looks like a little duck. It’s meant for children but I have skinny little fingers and I want all the cute medical equipment I can find.

Chloe has been recording Little Town on the Prairie for me! Laura is having trouble with the new schoolteacher, Miss Wilder. That illustration of Laura furiously rocking the desk so poor Carrie doesn’t need to is absolutely burned into my brain.

Hey look I just figured out how to embed a pixelfed post! Copy embed code, start a new block, switch to html mode, paste in. Pretty obvious. Not sure why I didn’t try that the first time. This is the first hex in the Steady Thread Botanical Stitch-along for 2023! So delicate and pretty. She released the second hex today but I’m going to wait to stitch it until my new hoop gets here. Should be here tomorrow.

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