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Omg I woke up feeling so much better today. Had a good, non-sweaty sleep with only one coughing fit that happened pretty early on so then I had many hours uninterrupted. Woke up clearing frogs out of my throat instead of coughing. Such a nice change. And so much less fatigue! Not filled with boundless energy but feeling alert and able to get out of bed, for a change. I cleaned out the two drawers of my nightstand. Put all non-essential meds back into the bathroom cabinet, threw away old crud, vacuumed out the crumbs, moved extra cables from top drawer to second drawer, etc. Now it should be easier to find what I need when I’m fishing around in the dark.

Dave went to a marquetry group meeting this afternoon and had a great time. He had even met some if the guys before. I guess the marquetry circle is small. And old. Lol. At their next meeting he’s going to demo a marquetry technique that he invented. I’m so glad he found some buddies. He’s such a sociable fellow.

I had a bath and washed my hair! And I washed a head of lettuce and made a big salad, and then Dave brought me a surprise pain au chocolat from the good bakery so that’s some good calories. I’m so thin again. Sigh.

Making progress on the circles! Sorry my photos are so dark. Will try to take a pic in daylight tomorrow.

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