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Oof the tired just hit me hard but I had a pretty good day! Good sleep last night and plenty of it. Less coughing, less throat-clearing. Worked a lot on my 100 Circles sampler. Threw away sad old veggies that I never felt well enough to cook, and put away nice new veggies from our delivery box. Good stuff this week — leeks, green beans, avocados, apples, citrus, celeriac, and a big beautiful romaine lettuce, which I’ve already washed and spun dry.

I felt like cooking something so I made a perfect little veggie cottage pie. Onion, carrots, green beans, frozen peas simmered in half a cup of broth in my smallest cast iron skillet. Thyme, salt, and a spoonful of flous mixed with a little water when the veggies were tender to thicken the gravy. Meanwhile I made a little batch of very cheesy mashed potatoes. Dolloped potatoes over veggies and broiled till the potatoes were golden and crusty. Delicious!

So tired now can hardly keep eyes open and it’s not even 6pm but hey, each day is a little better, on average.

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