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I’m still not 100% over my virus but today was a Good Day!! Slept well, just a bit sweaty, didn’t wake up till after 7am. Had a long lie in, then an equally long bath and washed my hair. When my hair is clean and I haven’t braided it yet it’s a big wild red-gold lion’s mane. A certain Englishman LOVES it and gives me all the compliments *blush*

Then I ate a big breakfast of cheese blintzes, and then I unpacked the eight boxes of medical supplies that were delivered while I was in the bath. Did I mention that my insurance company is basically forcing me to switch my Remodulin delivery over to the new Remunity system? But it’s cool, they’ve ironed out some of the problems that stopped me from switching a few months ago. Long story short, I won’t need to refrigerate my meds nor order new meds weekly. Just monthly, as I do now. So I got a huge shipment of supplies, including two nifty new pumps, the remotes that go with them, four batteries, charging cables, etc. I’m in contact with a really nice nurse, Sarah, who’ll come train me next week but y’know I can read the instructions, I’m not intimidated, and I have a brain so learning a new system is no big deal. The new pumps are so tiny!

I’ve got everything plugged in and charging up. Today I read about the process for filling the medication cartridges. Easy. Tomorrow, when the batteries are fully charged, I’ll pair the remotes with the pumps and program them to my dosage. And I’ll need to sew a new little waist-pocket for my pump to ride around in, since the pocket I carry my old CADD-MS3 pump in is much too big!

We realized this morning that yesterday (the 10th) was our 1-year anniversary of moving here together! It has been such a happy year. We’ve had, what, five or six emergency room visits between us but we are still alive and kicking! Dave got his ladder out to change the lightbulbs that have been waiting a year to be changed (I am serious) but the new bulbs he bought were the wrong size so now it has to wait another year. Lol! Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll finish the job tomorrow and I’ll be able to SEE in the bedroom.

I ate so much today. Two cheese blintzes for late breakfast, an orange for a snack, and then the other half of my cottage pie from yesterday. Good lord it was tasty. That’s going onto the permanent rotation. It’s a bit of a job to make mashed potatoes but well worth it if I have the stamina. And I’m hungry again! Eat, Kara, eat. I’m scared to weigh myself because I know the virus kicked me way below 100lbs again. Just gonna eat eat eat for a couple weeks and then weigh myself when I feel plumper again.

Ok time to go find more food. Maybe apple and goat cheese.

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  1. Kathy

    That cottage pie is a thing of beauty! I gained a pound by looking at it, I hope that works for you too!

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