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Two good days in a row! And today I got out of bed and went to my sewing room and FINALLY finished making Mom’s Christmas presents, a couple dozen hankies which by now are early birthday presents. (Hi Mom, if you’re reading this! I was hemming your hankies while you played piano for me this morning!) I had bought some pretty and cheerful remnants for her hankies well before Christmas but then I focused on finishing gifts for the kids and then this stupid virus knocked me flat. Today I pressed the fabric, cut it into a couple dozen squares, and hemmed them all with my serger’s rolled hem setting. I won’t post a picture here so that Mom will have that surprise at least, but if you want to see you can visit my pixelfed feed :)

Also made another cottage pie. It’s not THAT much work, and it’s such a good way for me to eat a ton of calories (that cheesy, buttery mash) and nutrition (big assortment of fresh veggies). Today’s pie had onion, celery, a golden beet, a bit of leek, a handful of green beans, and peas. I just ate my third helping and there’s enough left for a hearty lunch tomorrow. I love it that my appetite has improved so much! Eating is pleasurable again! I wasn’t hungry for breakfast so I just drank an Ensure, but then when I was finished sewing and cooking I just did needlework and ate for the rest of the day. Those three helpings of veggie pie, a slice of really good bread thickly spread with butter, and a significant quantity of homemade peppermint bark. I just kept popping bits into my mouth all afternoon. Oh and I grabbed a slice of cheddar cheese at some point, just because I knew there was a single slice in a good ziploc bag and if Dave got to it first he would throw the bag away, while I’m obsessive about rinse-and-reuse.

Right now I’m definitely not technically “hungry” but I’m still gonna snack on my bedside hazelnuts while I watch an episode of The Big Brunch. Calories, get in me! Plump me back up!

The cough is still present and will be for some time, but it’s so much less drastic and bothersome now. I still wake up all gunky and need to clear the frogs out of my throat for ages but I’m sleeping so much better it doesn’t matter.

There was FINALLY a new episode of the Killer Psyche podcast today! After I listened to it I subscribed to her little bite-size daily podcast and am working my way through the back episodes.

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