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Another good day! Remind me of this streak next time I get all moany about feeling terrible all the time. Kind of a rough night — insomnia and heavy sweating, so I think I’m working some THC out of my system again — and then I breathed wrong in the middle of the night and choked on nothing and coughed for half an hour. So I was a bit tired today but I actually got into my CAR and drove for the first time since well before Christmas. Went to the UPS place and shipped Christmas presents to Mom, Chloe, and Em. Goodness, UPS prices go up and up and up, don’t they? A nice woman saw me struggling to get my walker and the boxes up from the parking lot onto the sidewalk and hopped out of her car to lend a hand. Kind people are everywhere.

Then HOME for needlework and knitting. I’ve finshed shaping the sleeves for Henry’s cardigan, so now I just knit them for a couple more inches and then it’ll be time to set them aside and work on the body! It’s a bottom-up seamless cardigan.

Friday is the day that Clare of releases the weekly chart for the next stage of the 2023 Botanical Stitch-Along. It’s really fun having that new little chart to look forward to each week. The upper hex here is the new one. The lower is last week’s.

Isn’t it nifty how the designs are botanical and geometric at the same time? They remind me of William Morris wallpaper and textile designs. I love repeating patterns like that.

This evening I dragged myself out of bed again and sat with Dave in the living room for our traditional Cozy TV Time! Again, it’s the first time I’ve managed this since I got sick before Christmas and we really missed it. We watched the first episode of the new series of The Great Pottery Throwdown and the Sewing Bee Christmas Special. Ultra cozy. So nice to see Rose, Keith, Rich, and Siobhan again, and Patrick, Esme, and Sara. I do miss Joe Lycett but Sara is growing on me for sure.

Now, bread and butter and cheese, and BED BED BED. Lovely bed. Cozy bed. I hope I sleep for 12 hours.

Lying in bed for a month has made me lose any last remaining shreds of stamina. I get out of breath just walking from bedroom to bathroom. I absolutely MUST get back to doing my tiny gentle exercises again. I did a few of them while waiting for Dave to heat up his dinner, so that’s something anyway. Ugh. I need an exercise buddy to remind and motivate me every day.

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  1. Kathy

    Thank you for all the ways you take care of yourself. ?

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