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Another good day! Got enough sleep (well, I say “enough” but there’s really no such thing. I got adequate, non-sweaty sleep), ate three real meals and lots of snacks. Blintz for breakfast, Big Salad for lunch, grilled cheese sandwich and tomatoes for dinner. Fruit and chocolate for snacks.

I didn’t spend the day in bed! I got UP and undecorated the Christmas tree. Everything is packed up and I even tossed the tree out to the back porch. There are fir needles everywhere, and I need to disassemble the stand, but that’s a problem for another day.

Then I sat on the sofa with lovely Dave while he watched an absolutely stupid hospital drama. I put in my earbuds and listened to a podcast that someone recommended (wish I could remember who). It’s called “Something Was Wrong” and it’s true crime-style but there are no murders or anything like that. It “… aims to validate abuse victims and educate the public on important topics such as emotional, physical and sexual abuse, coercive control and gaslighting.”

There are 14 seasons so far. I started with season 1, which is about a woman who almost married a sociopath. It’s so fascinating to hear how it all unfolded! Just absolutely wild. It’s well-written, well-paced, and well-researched. Highly recommended, Kayray seal of approval!

While I listened I worked a few more circles on my blackwork sampler (pic tomorrow maybe) and got the sleeves of Henry’s cardigan to the point where they are waiting to be joined to the body at the beginning of the yoke. So happy I worked the sleeves both at once. Much easier than working one and then trying to work the second one exactly the same, ha! And I have cast on for the body and am working the ribbing.

By 4pm or so it felt like time to lie down again, so I’ve been knitting in bed. I also did my stupid boring little exercises tonight so I’m feeling VERY virtuous and proud of myself. Come on, lungs and muscles and stuff. Stay alive and functional, please.

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