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Nurse Sarah from the CVS specialty pharmacy came over to train me in the use of my new Remodulin pump system (Remunity). Very intelligent, very kind. Too tired to really go into it but long story short I had already trained myself almost completely so I just filled a dummy cartridge once and then did the real thing once and I’m all set. The rest of the two hours was going over my medical history and meds and vitals and stuff.

I hope the new system will work well. But I have Doubts. Before I even started using it, the remotes alarmed in the middle of the night for no reason. And then they alarmed this afternoon for no reason. So. We shall see. I don’t have a choice, since my old CADD-MS3 pumps are no longer being manufactured and will soon be defunct. But it sure would be nice to not be woken up in the night.

Steamed an entire cauliflower for dinner, which I’m eating with a lump of goat cheese for protein and calories.

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